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Hybrid Publishing

A mission to empower originality is built into our business DNA here at Epigraph. It begins with our dedication to helping authors express themselves in a way that is original and true. We deliver one-of-a-kind book packaging because our authors have written one-of-a-kind books. Similarly, our hybrid publishing services are designed to deliver or to accommodate unique configurations of publishing models, services, and/or agreements.

Many of our hybrid projects have been requested of us by our authors and evolved from situations where traditional and self-publishing models needed to be working in tandem. Some have involved the creation of new publishing imprints for organizations. Our most recent hybrid publishing launch is a Body-Mind-Spirit imprint called Red Elixir (see our portfolio), which blends traditional and self-publishing models.

Publishing needs, like authors themselves, come in all shapes and forms. In those situations where the standard self-publishing solutions don't seem to fit the bill, chances are good that you are in need of a hybrid publishing solution.

Hybrid publishing services might be right for you if you are

  • A traditionally published author who has been asked to subsidize the publication of your book
  • A start-up publishing company looking for launch phase assistance
  • An author for whom none of the publishing packages you have researched seem to fit your needs
  • An organizational or company leader wishing to create publishing imprints as adjunct businesses
  • A bestselling author looking to maximize your creative control and financial returns

Some of the services we deliver include



  Invisibility (ours) in end products 

  New configurations of publishing agreements

  Production services

  Distribution solutions

  Closely woven and sensitive liaison between
      cross sections of the publishing process


  Content creation



  Branding and marketing solutions for books and authors

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