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OnDemandGraphic.jpgDid you know that book publishing is undergoing its most profound changes since Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press over 500 years ago? Technological advances, plus cultural shifts in attitudes, have ushered in a new epoch for authors. What that means for you is that you, the author, have the capacity to reach a worldwide audience at a fraction the cost of traditional publishing. And at the heart of the revolution is on-demand publishing. 

The (financial) beauty of on-demand publishing is that books are only printed and shipped after they have been ordered and paid for by a consumer. This zero-inventory system means that much of the financial risk of publishing is eliminated. It is not necessary to print any copies of your book for it to enter national or global distribution. When a sale is made, those sales receipts, minus your print cost, are your profits/royalties. 

Epigraph’s on-demand publishing packages are quite simply the best in the business—a fact that is going to come in handy. The truth is, once your book is published, it’s going to enter the competitive marketplace. What’s more, for all the reduction in labor that comes with on-demand publishing, publishing itself remains a complex and sensitive process. At the end of the day, how you publish matters a great deal—to your bottom line, your sales, and the way your book is received by the world. We are here to help. Knowledge is power, and in our guided step-by-step publishing process, we share with you what we’ve learned over the last decade of publishing. Self-publishing your book will be one of the most important processes of your creative life—if not your entire life—and you need not feel alone! 

Three packages to suit your needs

We offer three types of Ready to Market on-demand publishing packages: Our Trade Books packages is for trade (adult) paperbacks, hardcovers, and eBooks. Our Children's Books packages are for full-color illustrated children’s books. And our new Supported DIY packages offers a great way to reduce your publishing costs by designing part, or all, of your book. 
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