Epigraph Self-Publishing Service - Print Books On-Demand

The Top Ten* Reasons Why

Are you looking for...

1. The best overall value in combined services, print costs, and royalty rates

2. Expert, personalized service

3. Bookstore-quality design at discount prices

4. POD distribution throughout the world

5. Custom-publishing options for books with requirements beyond POD

Are you looking for a publishing company that...

6. Values authors as a vital creative force in our society

7. Offers fluid, communicative publishing environments where creativity can flourish

8. Is commercially savvy on behalf of its authors, not just its own success

9. Values integrity and transparency 

10. Delivers on its promises

*Or, by any chance, are you looking for one or more of these features?

(your bonus 5 extra reasons to love Epigraph)

11. Multiple-format publishing (eBook, hardcover, paperback) made easy

12. Powerful marketing services at trade¯ rates

13. Editorial precision

14. Guided, empathic, step-by-step publishing process, which educates and empowers authors

15. Gentle tech help for those who need it

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