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Ready-to-Market Book Design 

If you could design your book to optimize your royalty earnings, wouldn't you do it? 

Ready-to-Market design and distribute packages give you the power to do just that. More than a competitive design, we package your book just the way professional publishers do, with an experienced eye towards your bottom line. Now you are ready to market! See some examples here. For more details on how this process works, see Our Process.

Complex Book Design

Complex books, professionally and cost-effectively designed, are a specialty at Epigraph. To keep things simple, we define a book design as complex if it is clear from the onset that it would require substantially more than ten hours of a designer’s time. We can accommodate and provide for nearly any design complexity including indexes, footnotes, charts, graphs, illustrations, photography and art books, long manuscripts, and non-standard trim sizes and formats. Contact us for a flat rate quote. See some examples here.

Children's Book Design

Children's book design is a snap with Epigraph. You provide the art and text for your book or assign us the task of finding just the right illustrator. Your free (no-obligation) pre-publication consultation insures that illustrations conform to your educated decision regarding the optimal format and trim size of your book. Children's book design services are available in horizontal and vertical formats, hardcover and paperback, and eBook. Print-on-demand and custom publishing options are available.

Supported DIY Design

Our supported DIY (Do It Yourself) packages are a great way to reduce your design (and industry registration) costs while insuring that your book is professionally published and distributed. Our exclusive pre-flight consultation gives you all the advantages of our Ready-to-Market consultation. We then provide you with customized templates to work from. 

Hybrid Publishing Design

In Epigaph's other self-publishing packages, the creative control of all aspects of the design remains firmly in the control of the Author. In genre-specific hybrid imprints, such as Red Elixir, the design cost to the Author is lowered by ceding control to the imprint, as is the case in traditional publishing. Click here for more information about Red Elixir or Contact Us

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