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Good Night, Dear Hart, Good Night

Jeannie Gionfriddo & Mark Gionfriddo

Good Night, Dear Hart, Good Night

Specifications: 5.5 x 8.5 / 184 pages / eBook / Hardcover / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Thoroughly researched by mother and son Jeannie and Mark Gionfriddo, Good Night, Dear Hart, Good Night is a piece of historical fiction telling the story of the man who took down Charles Ponzi. Told from the perspective of several people connected to Ponzi—including Hart Lester Allen, the wife of Massachusetts Bank Commissioner Joseph Allen, Ponzi himself, and a mob henchman—the book makes full use of its 1920s Boston setting, and is a fun read while remaining informative.  
 The interior design features a break with pages of scanned photos from the family of Hart Lester Allen. The moon illustration from the cover appears on all chapter titles. Legacy Serif is used for the interior font. The cover features a drawing of Boston during the time that the events took place. It is available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook.

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