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Some Delights of the Hudson Valley

Danny Shanahan

Some Delights of the Hudson Valley

Specifications: 7.5 x 9.25 / 148 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Some Delights of the Hudson Valley is an example of a book that's complexity extends to all aspects of the publishing process. Originally conceived by the folks and friends of Epigraph as a fund raiser for our local arts council, the book was edited by New Yorker cartoonist Danny Shanahan and included contributions from many local (and national) luminaries. The launch/fund-raiser was held at a hall donated by Bard College and over 400 people attended. The contributors later participated in a recording of their contributions. These recordings were later aired on our NPR local affiliate where they were aired weekly for nearly a year 

The editorial process was extensive, involving the solicitation of contributors and the selection and editing of submissions. The titling of the work was the result of brainstorming between editor Shanahan and an assigned team responsible for executing the publishing plan. 

The front cover was selected from the submissions and greatly informed the title making decision. The cartoon of the "Groucho Marx" chicken on the back cover was created by Shanahan for the book and appears inside the book as well. The chicken also appears on publicity and marketing materials. 

The book's interior includes cartoons, short stores, poems, and photographs. Illustrations are scattered throughout the text. The overall design succeeds in appearing to be an artfully 'homemade' artifact that is nonetheless entirely professionally executed.  

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