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One Man's Sport

Mehran Vajdi, Ph.D.

One Man's Sport

Specifications: 8 x 10 / 110 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Mehran Vajdi's One Man's Sport is pictorial account of his experience playing and coaching volleyball. Because of the difference of size and shape of the photographs, the book has a scrapbook feel. But before we could design the book, we had to first scan all of the photos from their original format and create digital versions to fit printer specs. Beyond photographs, the book also includes many articles clipped from newspapers, newsletters sent by the author when he was president of Yankee Volleyball, and cards sent to him by players he coached. Each of these presented their own challenges in order to get the images to reproduce properly, sometimes including removing backgrounds to eliminate noise due to scanning and placing just the scanned text directly on the page. The short introductory passages use an elegant sans serif, Calibri. The chapter names and captions are Batang.

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