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A Sunrise of Joy: The Lost Darshans Of Swami Kripalu

John Mundahl

A Sunrise of Joy: The Lost Darshans Of Swami Kripalu

Specifications: 6x9 / 522 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

In 1977 this saint, revered by hundreds of thousands of people in India, but little known in the West, agreed to visit the United States. This book tells the remarkable story of his life and his extraordinary stay in the United States from 1977-1981, when he broke his silence of many years and delivered more than 100 talks on a vast array of spiritual topics.

This 6 x 9 paperback is 522 pages and graced with photographs throughout. The front cover is the result of using the featured photograph first as a "watermark" affect, which, when enlarged and tinted, forms the background. The 'echo' effect of the superimposition of photographs works only because its application is subtle in its affects. 

Color palette matters more than usual when publishing for members of a spiritual or religious community. The color ochre chosen here is a safe bet for many Eastern traditions. 

Note the use of faded photographs on spine which certainly lends interest to often neglected spine. 

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