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The Seduction of Erica Stein

Roberta Seligman

The Seduction of Erica Stein

Specifications: 6x9 / 168 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Erica Stein, a life-long New Yorker, faces financial problems, she is forced to move out of her SoHo loft and retreat to a sleepy little town in upstate New York. Before she even has a chance to fully unpack and settle into her new surroundings, Chris Landis knocks on her door. Handsome and charismatic, he is twelve years her junior and married with three sons.

The "S" for seduction was the brainchild of the designer, Elizabeth DiPalma. Since this novel is about an educated New Yorker and a love affair, the designer and author wanted a look that managed to be literary and sexy at the same time. The "S" is, of course, a nod to the famed "A" for adultery in The Scarlet Letter. Note its extended use on the back cover. Note as well the "broken" font used for the word "seduction"of the title, This same treatment is found on the full title page (see below and scroll). The block font used for the rest of the title is carried over to the interior  in chapter and section headings. An excellent example of a simple elegant design in which cover and interior are integrated. Four fonts were used: Apollo MT, Blackoak, Gotham, Times

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