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Lyme Rage

Mindy Haber

Lyme Rage

Specifications: 5.5 x 8.5 / 228 pages / eBook / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Lyme Rage is Mindy Haber's harrowing true story about her journey to diagnose and treat her daughter's evasive Lyme Disease symptoms. The front cover features a striking photograph of Sophie, the book's subject, while the back cover shows Sophie and her mother/author Mindy eloquently worked into the design. One other interesting design flair to note is the integration of the tick silhouette into the book's title. The tick image also carries over to the interior design, utilized at chapter openers. The simple text design is accentuated by the Helvetica font used for headers and chapter openers and the Garamond body font. Fonts used: Helvetica Neue, Lato, Roboto, Adobe Garamond Pro, Baskerville Old Face, Minion Pro.

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