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Dudes of War

Benjamin Tupper

Dudes of War

Specifications: 5.5x8.5 / 164 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Dudes of War is an enlightening and uncensored introduction to modern American soldier culture. As told through personal vignettes of men serving in Afghanistan. 
"Tupper is a sharp, honest guy...He's no meathead, but he's still a dude" - Newsweek.com

The stunning wrap-around photo gives all three cover components (front, spine, back) impact and something for the eye settle on. The spine earns a spike in interest levels for the way the title lands squarely above the head of the soldier. Overall, the cover design reveals a sophistication in the blending of the sober and the darkly humorous. 

The interior design features a sans serif font throughout which complements the more casual and youthful tone of the writing. Photographs are scattered throughout, and have reproduced sharply in the print-on-demand physical copies. The drop caps in the chapter opening lend additional visual interest and help lead the reader into the text. Three fonts were used: Optima, Skia, Times 

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