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Gisela Stromeyer: Just Like That

Gisela Stromeyer

About the author:

Gisela Stromeyer is an internationally well-known artist. She has been trained as a dancer, architect, healer, and teacher. She completed and taught at Barbara Brennan School of Healing, completed the School of Enlightenment and Healing and the School of Intentional Living and studied Continuum Movement with Emily Conrad since 1995. She loves moving expression of her inner world and making the unseen world visible. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and studied the power of sound with Don Campbell and many other sound healing methods. For the last 25 years she has explored different modalities of healing that include shiatsu, channeling, trance states, shamanism in the form of vision quests, the Bon Religion of Tibet, Singalese Shamans in Sri Lanka, the Shipibo Indians in Peru and the Path of Pollen, a Mystery School based in England. She is making her own herbal remedies and likes to communicate with the elements, animals and plants-and, yes, with humans too-to create a sacred and blessed world. Bees and horses keep her company. Being creative in any way that life brings to her makes her happy. She is a mystic and an explorer, and her expeditions start inside her own inner world. Only later in life did she become a poet. Gisela is the director of Heartpulse Partnership, a non-profit organization bringing more heart into the world. www.stromeyerhealing.com