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Letters to Lida

Charlene Briggs

Letters to Lida

Specifications: 7.5 x 9.25 / 408 pages / Hardcover / Paperback

About the book design and execution

Letters to Lida features 150 scanned and arranged World War II era letters written from a soldier, David Lemal, to his mother, Lida. These scanned letters appear on the left hand pages of the book, while the right hand features typed transcriptions of the letters, and reflections by David and his daughter, author Charlene Briggs. The book also features several pages of photographs collected during the war, as well as bombing notices, and other World War II memorabilia. Designer Chris Hallman utilized images used on letterheads and envelopes to accentuate the design and keep pagination consistent. Fonts used: Source Sans Pro, Adobe Caslon Pro, Goudy Old Style, Cardo.

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