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Mommy Who Are We?: An American Lobster

Colin Bell

Mommy Who Are We?: An American Lobster

Specifications: 8 x 10 / 24 pages / Paperback

About the book design and execution

There were several design challenges for Colin Bell's Mommy, Who Are We?: An American Lobster. In order to create interesting spreads for text layout, and to add pages to the book, the designer duplicated and altered some of Drew Dupre's drawings, removing, for example, the lobsters, so only the seascape remained. This was done in Photoshop, and allowed the text to be laid out on the pages as to not clash with the images. Another challenge was placement of text on pages where spreads weren't possible. In these cases, the text was placed more dynamically, as to avoid covering the focal points of the illustrations.

Spread Design Samples

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