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Regarding Social Media: What I Learned Working For Two Imprints

Regarding Social Media: What I Learned Working For Two Imprints

April 10, 2015

As publishers, nothing makes us happier than seeing the work of our authors find an audience and be successful, whether that be through self-publishing or via a traditional book deal. I happen to work for both types of imprint. One way that we keep connected with authors and share their updates, whether they’re reviews, readings, or appearances at any other event, is through social media—namely Facebook and Twitter.

Something Iíve noticed is that traditionally published authors tend to have Facebook pages setup for themself as an author, outside of a their personal account, or pages for their book that they share updates on. Self-published authors utilize social media in this way far less so. Having social media accounts set up specifically for your work as an author is a great way to keep people updated and attract fans who want to know more about you. You can start by inviting your friends to like your Facebook page or follow your Twitter, as well as liking and following Epigraph so we can share your updates.

Web presence is essential for most, if not all, art forms these days. You never know who will stumble onto you and help you make the next step.

Colin Rolfe

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