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Sarah Bowen: Void if Detached

Sarah Bowen

About the author:
After 20 years of writing marketing copy to finance her travel addiction, Sarah Bowen hunkered down to craft her first book, Void if Detached, based on the sermons of her father, the Reverend Richard Murdoch. Reading through the manuscripts of 1,500 sermons she received after his death, she found herself on a fascinating spiritual recovery. Sarah dove cautiously into the Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Bible, studying initially through online courses at Yale University, Emory University, and the Reformed Theological Seminary. Soon, she found herself able to say the "G" and "J" words without cringing—something she had not been able to do comfortably since her late teens. She realized she had found modern spirituality in her father's old sermons. Sarah found herself curiously drawn to One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where she eventually enrolled to pursue the addition of Reverend to her name as well. In 2017, she will enter the (proverbial) family business, with a focus on animal chaplaincy through an interfaith/interspiritual lens. Not surprisingly, the study of the world's great faith traditions has greatly increased her craving for more travel—but this time, to spiritually-charged locations. Read Sarah's quirky spiritual travel blog at www.thisissarahbowen.com