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Guillermo Fesser: 100 Miles from Manhattan

Guillermo Fesser

About the author:
In the early 1980s, the great Spanish radio journalist Guillermo Fesser startled listeners in post-Franco Spain by reporting the news in a new way: He made it entertaining. He wasn’t condescending. He was funny, intellectually curious, and fearless. And he conveyed compassion and respect for his subjects, even those with whom he disagreed. Guillermo became a national treasure, beloved by his countrymen, from the inhabitants of Gypsy settlements to the bureaucrats scurrying through halls of the Spanish Congress. They devoured his radio shows, books, TV specials, films, works of theater, and newspaper articles as quickly as the irrepressible 53-year-old could produce them.
When Guillermo and his partner, Juan Luis, announced plans in 2002 to end their radio show after more than two decades of broadcasting daily, King Juan Carlos I paid homage: “I’m really sorry they’ll be stopping their show, but they’ve done a fantastic job and I’ll always remember them with fondness and friendship.”

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